One month in

Mar 25, 2013

Four weeks ago today, I began working with SQL Sentry. Making the decision to take this job sounds like it should have been a cakewalk. I get to work for a great company and work with people that I respect and whose company I enjoy. I get to work from home and take advantage of the soft skills that I wanted to get back to using.

Although this all sounds great, there was one little thing that kept gnawing at the back of my brain. I wouldn’t be a ‘real’ DBA any longer. Actually I wouldn’t be a DBA at all. I’d heard this from others as well – that my skills would get rusty and that I was becoming a sales drone. I knew that I was incredibly tired of being on call – for most of my career I had been the only DBA, so everything fell on me. I also knew that I needed to switch things up a bit because I was burned out and, unfortunately, I’m still more than a few years away from retirement. At the same time, though, I had worked hard to pull together the skill set that I had and much of that had come from experiences that I had gone through, so if I lost that, I wouldn’t get it back. At least not anytime soon.

Now here I am one month in and I’m finding that I’m actually learning even more about SQL Server. How can that be? Prior to this, I have to admit, I learned what I needed to learn as I needed to learn it. If my company was never going to use Analysis Services, I was probably not going to study much on SSAS. In this job, though, our customers come from all different types of environments and the metrics that are most important to each of them are incredibly disparate. My head may be on fire I’m finding myself studying more so that I will be able to answer the questions that our customers might have. I’ll be attending the SQLSkills Immersion Event on Internals and Performance in May and if that doesn’t make my head explode than I don’t know what will.

Admittedly I won’t have to deal with issues in my environment on a day to day basis – (although I did have a drive go bad on my laptop, causing a ton of my test databases to go suspect), but I need to be a good resource for my customers if they run into issues. That, and I work with some amazingly intelligent people and I’ve always been just a little competitive. I don’t see my skills getting rusty – I see an opportunity.

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